About Us

REACh's Purpose

REACh has established a platform that aims to provide quality Real Estate Professional Development Training and Executive Education to individual professionals and industrial organizations actively involved in the formation and operation across Asia’s urban environments.

REACh’s Objectives
  • To deliver first class, structured Real Estate and Construction Professional Development Education and introduce international best practice to individual professionals and industry organizations.
  • To develop and promulgate the concept of an interdisciplinary approach to Real Estate and Construction both in the context of Executive Education, Professional Development Training and Industry Practices.
  • To facilitate academic and intellectual exchange within the academic community in the area of the Urban & Built Environment.
REACh’s Activities

REACh offers a broad range of structured packages of training and learning across the disciplines of real estate and construction.  The target audiences are those real estate and construction executives and “young leaders” who see the need to continue their knowledge acquisition of international best practices; who recognize the advantages of intellectual exchange with peer groups; who wish to challenge conventional industry approaches; who genuinely desire the pursuit of innovative solutions to tackle obstacles to successful outcomes.  Through a partnership with Growmore Learn and   utilising their Managed Learning Environment (MLE) which integrates Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Mobile and VitalSource technology, REACh delivers a sophisticated student and learning management environment
designed for any mobile device.

Who are REACh Trying to Reach?

The target groups include:

  • Real estate and construction related organizations who perceive the need to provide wholesale in-house training on an on-going basis and who value the added benefit to its human resource platform.
  • Business organizations which are not necessarily real estate or construction focused but have developed a need for a greater understanding of how real estate markets work and how real estate assets can be beneficial.
  • Individuals who work in one of the many and varied real estate or construction fields in development, investment, agency, construction, design, banking, funds management, insurance, tenant representation etc. who wish to advance their real estate knowledge and who would value the opportunity to benefit from international best practice and peer group exchange.
REACh Will
  • Promote and deliver study programmes and industry workshops through its mobile platforms across Asia;
  • Organise Travelling Study Programmes Globally for both Industry Professionals and Graduate students.
REACh’s Governing Principles
  • Activities must have practical relevance through “application-oriented” content;
  • Facilitators will be industry prominent both local and overseas;
  • Programme content will be interdisciplinary in nature;
  • Learning efficiency will be achieved through intensive study programmes, condensed knowledge transfer and small group workshops;
  • A Global Perspective provided through foreign experts and analysis of international case studies.