Welcome to REACh

REACh was established to support both industry and higher academic institutions within the Real Estate and Construction domain in the provision of industry/professional development and executive training and specialist educational programmes.

REACh Asia operates and has a presence across Asia from the Middle East through India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan with REACh [The Real Estate Academy in China] in association with RIPAM @ TongjiUniversity focusing specifically on China.

REACh Asia also operates in other Asian markets out of the Hong Kong office.

Activities include but are not confined to:

  • In-house training programmes customized to a company’s given requirements.
  • Short-term interactive Challenge-based Workshops covering cutting-edge topics across the Real Estate & Construction spectrum.
  • Professionally oriented programmes that pursue a range of pathways leading to an internationally recognized professional qualification in particular the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors [RICS] and Association for Project Management [APM].
  • Continuous Professional Development [CPD]
  • A series of “Cities” Programmes aimed at graduate students and younger Professionals ranging from the Asian Cities Programme which was launched in 2001 to Indian Cities, China Cities, ASEAN Cities, Trans-Atlantic Cities and Asian Exo-Structure.
  • Short-term specialist academic programmes.
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